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Based in Germany, we at German Cycling Tours are committed to providing our customers with the most interesting German bicycle routes for individualists.

OberweselKlein We offer bicycle routes in Germany as self-led tours around the most scenic areas of Germany –such as the Elbe or Rhine river valleys, Saar and Moselle Valley, Bavaria, Saxon Switzerland or our special bicycle path -that you will never find anywhere else – the untouched nature at the former German-German border.

TaubertalKlein Bicycle holidays in Germany - each of our routes is 6-9 days/nights and begins at different dates throughout the year. Each point of departure can be reached easily from the next airport.

Our daily cycling distance is a leisurely 30-40 miles, which allows plenty of time to stop and explore the surroundings.


On all our bicycle routes we take care of all accommodation and bicycles, and we provide the necessary bicycle equipment- and the best of all – we transport your luggage for you –taking away all the discomfort, but none of the pleasure of your vacation.

Longer routes are also an option for those who are looking for a sporting challenge. All routes are extensively described and we provide you with the necessary German bicycle map.

Sächsische Schweiz Klein

Biking in Germany – an adventure and not too difficult. The Bavaria route is more mountainous than the others, which run predominantly in river valleys, but nevertheless the daily distance is possible for everyone, because the route follows the valleys.



Enjoy Germany. Come and visit us.









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